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How do I prepare a song...

During the School, and even to audition for the School, you will need to prepare a song to performance standard. There are several things you need to do in addition to learning the notes and words... download this guide to help you in your preparation.

Copyright Policy

Students are bound to the NZSS Trust's copyright policy through their code of conduct. Download the Trust's policy here, which is now a requirement of all students, faculty and the School.

The School is not covered by a “For Study Purposes” arrangement as a school or university under the legislation. Music that is out of copyright is not affected by the NZSS Trust's copyright policy, however, the 50 year copyright limit is not as simple as it sounds - even if the composer is dead, the edition or editors will not necessarily be 50 years old. This needs to be considered. You need to look at the publishing reference carefully (MCM… details on the bottom of the music). Check here to convert Roman numerals to modern numbers to work out the dates.

We realise the difficulty this creates for students, but the NZSS Trust is focused clearly on protection of students, faculty, EIT and the NZ Singing School from breaking the law. This make old books very valuable and cost effective! Have a look at our music library if you would like to hire some music from us; or check as a source of sheet music.

The following sites are legal forums for downloading copies of printed music and lyrics:

Where does everything happen?

Classes and lectures all happen on campus at EIT. Some rehearsals will happen across the road at the PGA Arena or at concert venues. This map of EIT should help you find your way around the campus. A copy will be included in your registration pack.