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Read on to find out about the New Zealand Singing School: Te Wānanga Toi Waiata…

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The New Zealand Singing School: Te Wānanga Toi Waiata will be held on the beautiful campus of the Eastern Institute of Technology in Napier, Hawkes Bay, from 4th to 14th January 2019.

The School is 11 days of challenge, fun and inspiration.

The day begins at 8:30am with vocal warm ups.  You will then have a personal timetable to follow for the rest of each day of the School.  The timetable will include ensemble singing, massed chorus singing, vocal masterclasses and language classes. This varies according to the course you have chosen (Classical, Musical Theatre or Crossover). There are scheduled breaks within the timetable each day.

Every evening will involve you either performing in or watching “in-house” concerts, or attending lectures, or performing at public concerts held at various venues around Hawkes Bay. The day typically finishes at around 9pm.  There is no time to go off-site for dinners between your daily timetable and your evening commitments, so dinners are provided and eaten together with other students and faculty at the Eastern Institute of Technology’s cafeteria.

If you are staying at the Eastern Institute of Technology’s student villas, this is conveniently located just across the road from the campus where all the Singing School tutoring takes place.  If staying elsewhere you will need your own transport to and from campus.

Buses provide transport for all students to and from the public performance venues in Napier and Hastings.

The Singing School is a lot of hard work.  You will learn a lot about yourself both vocally and psychologically.  You need to be sensible, look after your health and get as much sleep as possible.

Most students find the hard work is well worth it for the rewards they get – the experience of working with world-class tutors and the improvement they see in their singing and performance.  Consequently, we have many repeat students, and some have come back more than twice!


The school operates every two years with the next school being from 4th to 14th January 2019.  You must be 16 years or over (there is no scope to admit students who are even just a few weeks younger than this minimum age).  Ideally, you will have had at least three years of singing tuition.  Students are selected through the online submission of audition videos. You can audition for either the Classical, Musical Theatre or Crossover course. There are further choices within each course, such as language options (French, Italian, German) and ensemble options (opera, musical theatre or oratorio).

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Check out who taught at the 2017 NZ Singing School:

2017 Teaching Faculty



The cost to attend the 11-day 2019 NZ Singing School is $1,795 (incl GST) per student. The fee covers the entire curriculum programme including workshops, seminars, performances, lectures and masterclasses in your chosen workstream (classical, musical theatre or both), our world-class tutors and accompanists, most evening meals and transport to and from performance venues.


Nine out of eleven evening meals are included in the fee.  The Singing School Trust pays for a BBQ dinner on Day 3 and you are to make your own arrangements for dinner on Day 11, the night of the Gala Concert.  You supply your own breakfasts and lunches. Lunches can be purchased at the campus cafeteria for a reasonable cost.


Some accommodation places are available at the Eastern Institute of Technology’s student villas, located just across the road from the campus where all tutoring will take place. We have 60 beds booked and this is strictly on a first come, first served basis.  This is student hostel style accommodation, with shared bathrooms and kitchens in villas that have six bedrooms each.  Cost to stay at the EIT Villas is $40 per night (ie $480 for 12 nights or $440 for 11 nights) and is additional to the Singing School fee.

Alternatively, you can arrange your own accommodation, but you must have your own transport to and from your accommodation to the School.

Important note for 16 and 17 year old students:

Students under 18 are not permitted to stay in the EIT Villas without being accompanied by a parent/guardian.  The guardian must book and pay for a place in the Villas also. Bookings are strictly on a first come, first served basis.

Once successful students have been advised of their acceptance into the School (October 2018), they will be sent a link to the accommodation booking form.

New Zealand Singing School - Photo by Mat Boutet


Spend 11 days focused entirely on your singing and performing – literally living and breathing it while surrounded by others who share the same passion. Stay on-site on the EIT campus and join in the fun!

Connect at New Zealand Singing School - photo by Mat Boutet


Find 79 other vocal soul-mates AND create relationships with some of the world’s leading singers, performers, musicians and tutors! Remember that there will be one day in your career when it will be not “what you know” but “who”!!

Learn at New Zealand Singing School - Photo by Mat Boutet


A long-lasting and successful singing career (whether amateur or professional) will require both vocal and performance skills. Come and be part of work-streams dedicated to your chosen vocal genre (either classical or musical theatre) – but then be challenged and put skills from the two together for an unbeatable combination!

Perform at New Zealand Singing School - photo by Mat Boutet


Singing is about sharing a story, an emotion and a journey – you can put your new-found skills to the test live on-stage. Either watch or perform every night during the school with the opportunity to be selected to perform at the final night gala event.