The NZ Singing School has limited places for trainee tutors and accompanists. In 2017 there were two spaces for trainee vocal tutors and two spaces for trainee accompanists.  Applications for the 2019 NZ Singing School will open mid-2018.

There are no fees to be a trainee, and accommodation and meals are provided.  However, you must pay for your transport to and from the School.

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Check out who taught at the 2017 Singing School: 2017 Faculty

Combining the best tutors, directors and accompanists from around New Zealand, Australia and the world, the NZ Singing School provides the ultimate teaching environment – surrounded by other professionals, with the best vocal students in the country, in an intensive residential environment. To register an expression of interest, please sign up on the form below.

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Masterclass-coaching-2015 - photo by Mat Boutet

Teaching Faculty

Click here for photos and biographies of the Teaching Faculty from the 2017 Singing School.

The NZ Singing School is the original residential school for NZ vocal students. Led by Musical Director Judy Bellingham, the teaching team is divided across two different work streams.

The vocal discipline of opera and classical training is progressed by the highest quality vocal tutors and professionals from opera companies and music schools from around the world.

The confidence and quality of musical theatre performance is progressed by the highest quality vocal, acting and stage-craft tutors and professionals from musical theatre companies and music schools from around the world. Both programmes offer the best intensive and transformative residential vocal teaching in New Zealand.

However, the beauty of the NZ Singing School is that by running these programmes side-by-side the opportunities for “cross-over” of learning also provides an unique perspective not provided anywhere else in the country.

From the Director –

Judy Bellingham

Over 32 years, the New Zealand Singing School has given students the opportunity to learn more about the art of singing, to develop their own skills and to move on to continue their musical study and career. The School’s vision is to give students the confidence to move forward and it does this through the excellent tuition offered, the experience of multiple music genres, and the learning and performance opportunities that take place in a supportive peer environment.

The School has gained a reputation for being a valuable training ground for New Zealand singers, who go on to pursue success at national and international competitions, and to gain entry to opera schools and advanced music colleges overseas. I have been privileged to be the Director of the New Zealand Singing School for 6 years and I am excited by the successes our students have gone on to achieve. I invite you to partner with the School in its continuing programme to foster and cultivate successful New Zealand singers, who shine on the world stage.

“It has been suggested that not enough depth is able to be achieved when a school offers such a wide range of activity. Actually it is the combination of music theatre with opera which so impresses me. With the melding of both operatic singers with a strong contingent of musical theatre performers there are added opportunities for performers of both genres; the musical theatre students are able to improve the standard of their vocal abilities by observing the vocal discipline that opera requires and conversely; the operatic performer becomes much more aware of the importance of the need to develop their theatrical skills.”

Conal Coad
Conal CoadInternational Vocal Coach and Opera Singer, 2013

“To witness shy, often insecure, (and sometimes overly cocky) teenage and young adult singers (and even a fair number of mature participants) arrive on Day One – full of hopes, fears, expectations, and often bewilderment – who then gradually grow over the short period into confident, outgoing, motivated, and disciplined performers is a truly inspirational experience for me and, I’m sure, for all my fellow tutors.”

David Harper
David HarperUK: International Vocal Coach 2013