Be prepared. Make sure you know your music, lyrics and melody well. Practice, practice, practice!

Choose music that you can sing well. If you audition with music that has challenging parts that have a 50% hit rate in practice (high notes, runs, melodies/rhythms that you were struggling with, etc), then you need to not use that music for your auditions until you are technically proficient enough to sing it. Only sing music for your auditions that you can sing in your sleep. If you cannot sing it in practice, you can’t sing it in performance.

Be in a proper frame of mind. When we go on auditions, we have to have the proper mental attitude: that we are ready to do our best.  Remember: an audition is a performance. You are performing for people. So, put the distractions out of your mind. If you go in expecting to fail – that’s exactly what will happen.

Find opportunities. Maybe you are nervous because you haven’t done solos in a while, and are self conscious about how you sound. Find opportunities to practice, such as Karoake, church singing etc. The more you perform, the easier it gets.

Quality counts.  Make sure your audition video is of good sound quality, with appropriate lighting, And dress for the part!

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