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Welcome to Singing School New Zealand

Te Wānanga Toi Waiata o Aotearoa

Voices of the Future!

Follow your passion for singing and performance

at Singing School New Zealand, 

the unique summer music school in Hawke's Bay.

We're sorry but we've had to cancel
the school set
for 11 - 22 January 2023

Singing is sharing a story,  expressing an emotion ... taking your audience on a journey of the heart and mind.


A long-lasting and successful career, whatever your singing style, relies on your strong, confident vocal and performance skills.

At Singing School you can develop your classical singing, or focus on your musical theatre performance ... but we also let you be challenged by the other, to try new things and, when you put this together, you will have an unbeatable combination! 



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It would be hard to overstate the significance of Singing School for my development as a singer and performer.  The encouragement from such an excellent faculty, and the varied programme and performing opportunities have been instrumental in the continuation of my performing journey.

Jason Henderson, 2017, 2019

- Fringe Festival Shows in New York and Wellington.

I really loved meeting singers from all around the country.  The teachers were so amazing, and having had one teacher for a long time it was really helpful to have advice from lots of different teachers.

Lillian Gibbs, 2019

- Youth Choir, Voices NZ, Napier Aria 2nd place.


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