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Applications Open for 2023

Start planning your summer of singing in Hawke's Bay!

Applications for Singing School NZ 2023 are open until 1 September and all the information is here on this website, including class streams, the curriculum, sample daily timetable, food, sleep and costs. Go to the Your School page - or in fact any page and click on a button.

The theme for this school is 'Breaking Barriers' because we want to break through the barriers created by covid, and we want to encourage young singers to break through their personal barriers to be the confident performers they aspire to be. You will learn from tutors who are skilled in teaching young voices and who will encourage you in developing stunning performances. We'll announce tutors as they confirm they will be here.

We are taking our 'Breaking Barriers' inspiration from Hawke's Bay based space tech company, Rocket Lab. Established by New Zealander Peter Beck, this innovative company launches rocket from Mahia Peninsula which can be seen along the Hawke's Bay coast. The Creative Commons image below taken by physics student, Yourong Wang at Auckland University, shows the flight path of the most recent rocket launch. Rocket Lab is shooting for the stars from Hawke's Bay, just like Singing School NZ students.

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