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Cancellation of July 2021 School

The NZ Singing School Trust Board has decided to cancel the July 2021 Singing School NZ - Te Wānanga Toi Waiata.

The 30th school was to be held 3-10 July this year at the Eastern Institute of Technology in Napier, having been delayed from its normal January scheduling as a summer school due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Trustees regret disappointing the singers who had hoped to be at the July school and learn from the superb Kiwi faculty we had in place,” says Trust Chairman Helen Walker.

The Trust had rescheduled the school over fewer days, with fewer students and faculty to make it more manageable, but many factors made it difficult to continue organising the school.

“The change of dates to a winter school has not suited students as well as we’d expected. However, the general interest in the Singing School and its value for singers is still strong, and we hope to see these talented people at the next school in January 2023,” says Helen Walker.

All school fee deposits will be refunded in full to the students who had registered. Faculty and other stakeholders have also been informed.

Over the next year, the Trust Board will be taking a fresh strategic approach to planning the future Singing School NZ.

“We’ve had some practice in rethinking the school this year which has opened up fresh ideas for the future, and we want to explore other opportunities. We are genuinely grateful that our stakeholders have continued to be enthusiastically supportive, including our sponsors, donors, faculty and students,” she says.

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