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Planning the Next Singing School

Just like a show or an opera, a lot of planning goes into making each Singing School NZ an exciting, successful event for everyone.

Right now the NZ Singing School Trust is looking ahead, and is working through the strategic planning for the 2023 school.

Over the next week or two, we are inviting input from our students and faculty - the experienced people who have a connection with the School and can help shape the School programme. We are also sending a survey link to the singing teachers and theatre directors who can recommend the School to their young singers and performers to help them expand their talent.

You may have completed a survey at the end of your last school, but you've possibly gained perspective over time so your fresh opinions and ideas will be useful in shaping the 2023 school.

We are open to new ideas and new approaches to meet the needs and interests of today's young singers. You can contact us directly via this website if you have a great idea to share.

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