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Apply to be at Singing School 2023

We aim to make this process as simple as 1 2 3.  We're just an email or phone call away if you have any questions. 







Get started! Check what you need for the application in the Application Guide and create your audition video.

Send in the application form and deposit by 1 October 2022 and upload your 2 audition videos after you're sent the link.  If you are applying for a hardship subsidy, send that too.

When you are accepted we email you with info on what you need to do to be prepared for the school.  You will find out who your tutors are and can also join a webinar with the Artistic Directors to discuss repertoire and what you need to rehearse.  

Kia ora and welcome!  You arrive at Singing School and enrol, pick up your welcome bag and sign into the school app.


Then you'll dive into 11 days of great singing, new friends and an experience to shape your singing future! 


1 September 2022  -  Applications close, deposit paid, audition video/s uploaded 

1 October - Students notified if they have been accepted - a webinar will follow

1 November - early bird discount on school fee ends

14 November - full fees to be paid.

11 January 2023 - accepted and enrolled students arrive and start singing! 

  1. Two audition videos of you singing - see the Application Guidelines for details.   You'll send these via Dropbox after your application has been received and we send you a link.

  2. A recent head and shoulder colour photo of yourself.

  3. An up-to-date one-page resume outlining your training, qualifications and performance experience.

  4. Confirmation of the deposit paid by internet banking.  Note the information about the Early Bird discount.

Please have these ready to upload at the end of your application, and have all files labelled with your first and family name

What do you need with your application? 

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