Student Resources 


Student fees for 2023 will be determined in late 2022.  Students who register their interest will be informed by email.  Scholarships and Hardship Study Subsidies will be available for 2023 and details will be included here when they are finalised.

Fees & Costs 

Meals -  Dinner is included in the fee but students must cater for their own breakfast and lunch.  Affordable, nourishing meals will be available from the EIT cafeteria at lunch and snack times.  There will be a shared BBQ fun night for everyone!

Accommodation -  This is an additional cost to budget for.  Students can book their own accommodation at billets or B&Bs.  


Potential! Passion! Performance!


Join with other talented singer performers at Singing School NZ.


Enrolments for the 2023 school are open 1 June - mid August 2022. Meanwhile you can re-register at any time using the 'Get in Touch' form in the footer and we will keep potential students informed.  Contact us if you have any questions about the school.

Application Guidelines need to be read before you fill in the online form - please read the Guide carefully as it has info to help you complete your application.


Video - You'll send in your audition video once we've got your application and deposit.  




The Singing School NZ is unable to provide any credits for students in terms of school or university qualifications. However the NZ Music Examinations Board provides a syllabus and examinations for singing and for musical theatre performance which can provide a worthwhile study course for young  performers. Find out more at




We're often asked about singing lessons in New Zealand - we recommend NZ Music Teachers Online