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Breaking Barriers

We are confirming our faculty with familiar Singing School tutors and pianists, plus some wonderful newcomers. It's a smaller faculty than previous schools, with the aim of being more flexible in a covid world.


Conal Coad, opera director, from Australia

Peter Lockwood, accompanist and coach, from Europe

Te Oti Rakena, vocal tutor, NZ

Frances Wilson, vocal tutor, NZ

Marina Posa, Italian language tutor, NZ from Australia

Christine Douglas, Artistic Director, singing in English tutor, Australia

Musical Theatre

Irene Bartlett, vocal tutor, Australia

Jane Keller, vocal tutor, NZ

Nick Hollamby, vocal tutor, NZ

Julia Booth, vocal tutor, NZ

Mark Dorrell, Artistic Director NZ


Cristina Grønborg, adolescent voice specialist, Australia

Ron Morris, breathing specialist, Australia

Phillip Rhodes, NZ


Tim Evans, UK

Catherine Norton, NZ

Susan Melville,NZ

Thomas Nikora, NZ

Others are still to confirm their availability.

Applications for Singing School 2023 are open until the end of September.

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