Join us at the next Singing School New Zealand in 2021
and develop your singing performance.

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Your School


We offer our students

• Personal tuition with world-class tutors

• Classes to suit your style, voice, and ability.

• Public performance opportunities

• Development of your confidence

• Professional links and new friends

• Career development

Student Resources

Look here for all you need as a student at Singing School 2021


Information will be added as needed, so keep visiting.

Introducing our Artistic Directors who look forward to working with you.


Christine Douglas – Classical                                            

See our list of confirmed tutors and accompanists here.


Applications are open from 15 January to 28 February 2021.


Are you 16 years or older?

Have you had at least 3 years of singing lessons?

Do you want to spend 8 days developing your performance skills with top tutors?

Yes? Then check out the Student Resources page for the Application Form and the Guide which has essential information to help you apply.  You will also need  supply a resume, a head and shoulder photo (digital), and confirmation of your deposit.  Once we've received your application, we'll send a link to our Dropbox for your audition video.


Pre-registering is not a commitment but if you are thinking about coming, we will keep in touch with you. It's ideal for singers who want to be Observers in 2021 or anyone who is considering the January 2023 school.  Simply email us with “Love to Sing” in the subject line and your name in the text.


We love having observers as part of our masterclasses and group rehearsals where you can learn fresh new skills and ideas, and be an audience for our full-time students!  Join us for a half-day, a day or the whole week, and enjoy the spirit of the school.

This can be an ideal for:

- Singing teachers     - School music teachers     - Musical directors     -  Choir singers     - Show singers  


Observer registration details, fees etc will be posted in the Student Resources page in April 2021.

How To Apply


Fees 2021


School fees are available on the Student Resources page.

Centre City Music Theatre Scholarships 

We are pleased to announce a new scholarship for financial hardship. The Centre City Music Theatre Scholarships can be applied for by students who are accepted into the school but would struggle to raise the fees required.  The scholarships are $1000 each for a classical student and a musical theatre student.  This has been made possible by the thoughtful donation of Centre City Music Theatre.

Contact the School manager for details.

The Singing School offers an exciting, challenging learning environment over 8 days of classes, rehearsals, and inhouse concerts. You’ll come prepared with songs or arias you have rehearsed, and you’ll be prepared to have your singing transformed!

So what’s a typical day for students?

• Warm up –  start your day with vocal and physical warm-ups.  

• Technical – learn new ways of improving your voice and stage presence

• Masterclass – you'll either be singing and getting that valuable one-on-one tutoring, or you will be watching and listening and learning from others being tutored.  The summer school guarantees a full 4 hours of personal tutoring.

• Classical students also have language classes – French, German, Italian.  

• Sing together – everyone gets to sing in an ensemble and a mass chorus to rehearse for the School’s public concerts.

• Meals together –  time to nourish your body and make new friendships.

• Singing, more singing! - in the evening in-house concerts are when all students bring a prepared song to entertain. And one night the faculty will entertain you! 

• Fun! You enjoy some great social times too, and develop strong contacts and friendships.  And we promise you, you will have time to sleep!


The Programme


In sunny Hawke’s Bay, the School is located at the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) in Taradale, Napier. 

We highly value this sponsorship from the EIT which allows us to use their attractive campus for classes and rehearsals. 

The campus has modern classrooms, a large rehearsal space in the whare (meeting house) and a lecture theatre for in-house concerts and talks. A cafeteria is open for lunch, dinner and snacks, plus there’s plenty of outdoor space for unwinding or studying between classes.

Check out the map for location.



Where do you stay? Singing School NZ organises comfortable accommodation for our faculty and our students. You can book this once you are accepted into the school.  Details of accommodation for 2021 are to be confirmed.

Or you can organise your own private accommodation, with family or friends in the area. Please let us know the address so we know where you will be.  There is no fee to be paid for private accommodation, but you will need to budget for your transport costs and any costs (ie food) your host would like you to cover. Don’t forget a thank you gift!




Awards are available and are presented at the end of the school based on the tutors’ assessment of students’ outstanding performances, learning and potential.  The major awards are presented at the final concert, and others at other performances.

Wellbeing, Health & Safety

The Singing School maintains Health and Safety standards as required by New Zealand law and by our campus sponsor, performance and accommodation venues.   Students and faculty are informed of these requirements on arrival.  Australian students in particular are given earthquake safety advice, as these occur in Hawke's Bay.


Because the School has a demanding programme, we also advise students on how to take care of their personal physical and mental well-being, including their voice.


Get In Touch
We're happy to answer questions or add you to our contact list for the 2021 school! 

IMPORTANT: If you live outside NZ and want to attend in 2021, you need  to check the Covid-19 information for travellers.